Monday, July 23, 2007

Phrases and words that fill me with dread: Part 1 in an occasional series

"Nu jazz"

It just sounds punchable, doesn't it?

Buy blank postcards and paint a picture with words

I've been silent for a long time. I just haven't felt in the right place to post for ages, but here's a wonderfully simple but effective piece of advice from one of my favourite blogs, Polon Copywriting, talking about Dylan Thomas' way with words.

"His language is beautifully poetic. But he made it that way by working hard at it, revising some of his poems as much as 500 times. Even on holiday he took the chance to be creative with words. You can do the same. In fact, the times when you don’t need to be concise, or use your writing to persuade people to buy something, are a great opportunity to have fun with words. Try buying blank postcards when you go on holiday. On the side that usually has a photo, paint a picture with words instead."