Monday, May 29, 2006

Rain not falling in Spain

I´m on a Spanish break at the moment, hence the lack of posts. It isn´t raining on the plain, or indeed anywhere near Barcelona at the moment. Normal service, if indeed anyone is reading this, will be resumed on my return next week.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The writing food chain...who is top dog?

It's rare in my experience that the proof reader gets much thanks for working on a text. How does the food chain work out? Writer -> top plaudits, and deservedly so. Editor -> Normally an honourable mention? Proof reader -> If you're lucky, and we remember who you are...!

Anyway, recently my work volume has upped a few notches and it really puts a smile on my face when I get feedback from clients, remembering that a lot of work comes client - agency - me, end of the line. So when a client specifically says thanks to the proof reader for getting that text just right, it really made a difference to the final presentation, I go to bed a happy man and with more drive and determination to keep going on this one man business route.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free rein

Once in a while I get to work on an editing assignment or 'proofreading plus' where I get more of a free rein with the text. Most of my work is tinkering here and there with texts, correcting errors and tidying things up. When you get to work on a job where you are allowed to flourish a little, play with the text, rewrite to how you as a writer think something could come across better, it is very liberating.

Proofreading and certainly editing demand a certain restraint and some caution; eliminating the author's voice is not what you want to do, and alot of the time you are working within someone else's house style. The 'free rein' type of assignment once in a while is a bit like having had a Ferrari for a few months, but only first and second gear were working, and then suddenly you manage to fix the gearbox...