Monday, May 07, 2007

Downtime: how do you deal with it?

I'm rubbish at not being busy; it's been a quiet period for work from all my customers. Things are picking up now, but the last few months have tested my patience as well as my confidence. The trick is in keeping things ticking over in these lulls.

What do I do? I read. I scan blogs for tips. I look back over previous work to learn how to tweak it better next time for the same client. I read books to keep my eye in; getting back into reading properly has done my confidence the world of good. As a freelance writer I get struck by 'the fear' sometimes - can you still churn it out for other people on demand?

Thing is, all it takes is one or two bits of work that just flow out, as happened with a newsletter I did for a client last week, and bang, back comes the buzz and the confidence.

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