Monday, June 02, 2008

Off topic: A burst of musical colour

I try to keep this (rather scarcely-updated) blog to "official" business of mine, but I think MGMT's album, Oracular Spectacular, deserves a mention.

In a word, fantastic. A burst of musical colour, the record is an energetic, adventurous experience. It's a wild mixture of all things disco, Bowie, 80s synths, big drums, and anything else you can think of. I liken it to staring through - or perhaps being sucked into - one of those kaleidoscopes that you never had but had to borrow from your more interesting friend.

It also goes to show that amongst the anodyne R&B, Tupac reissues, unadventurous pop and bland MOR rock we are bombarded with today, someone somewhere is still making records that dare to be different.

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